Living in Uganda with Boys

One of these things is not like the other…

So I think that I’d be doing the (female) world a disservice if I didn’t share my insights from living with 3 guys for about a month in a rural Ugandan village. I’m not feeling exceptionally creative so I’m just going to list some of my observations bullet point style:

Disclaimer: Scott, Matt, and Austin are three phenomenal guys, and though I may jest about things, I think the world of them and would travel back to Uganda with them tomorrow if I could.

>Boys will take a joke (which wasn’t that funny to begin with) and will beat it until it’s dead and lying in an unrecognizable heap on the ground. But somehow it just becomes more and more hilarious to them.

>Boys will talk about weapons and will carry weapons and will justify the aforementioned weapon-carrying all day long. There’s no use in trying to reason with them about it. Seriously, conserve your words.

>Boys gossip too. Don’t let them try to tell you otherwise. (Note: I do not say this in attempt to justify or excuse female gossip.)

>Boys like girls because they smell good and guys don’t. Except when they use Old Spice of which there are apparently 1007 variations. Speaking of, the Old Spice commercials are ridiculous (go ahead, youtube it).

>Boys like to get things done. If there are a few casualties along the way, so be it. On the other hand, I still maintain that many, many things wouldn’t get done if us girls weren’t around.

>Boys can talk about zombies for hours. I seriously think at least 14.5% of our conversational time was devoted to that topic. Apparently most guys have a detailed game plan of what they would do if their city was suddenly taken over by zombies. Because that’s practical and realistic. (Btw, I would definitely go to the top of the glowing green “skyscraper” in the center of downtown Raleigh. In part because it has a great vantage point of the surrounding area, but mostly because it looks like something out of a scene from Spiderman at night. My hope is that the zombies would be scared off by the apparent presence of the Green Goblin.)

>Boys can and will talk about their feelings. Just not the way most girls do, or nearly as often. And I personally am okay with that.

>Boys like their toys. Be it iPhones or motorbikes or fancy military backpacks that rival Mary Poppins’ handbag in terms of the amount of stuff you can fit in them.  It really does no good to criticize this infatuation, so I’ve found that being supportive while trying to help maintain their grounding in reality is the best approach.

>Boys are protective over girls (if they aren’t, they should be). Travel with them and you will be safe, will avoid getting ripped off, will have your bed net tucked in every night, will get the last piece of the coveted chocolate stash and the best part of the Clif bar, and will have the most comfortable (by far) sleeping arrangement on the plane ride.

>Girls… contrary to popular belief, boys don’t need us in order to function. They really can manage quite well on their own (except for the whole procreation thing). However, I do think they realize that they would much rather live with us than without us.

>Boys get that it’s hard to be a girl and they do not want to trade places with us even for a day.

>Boys are not looking for perfection. So, ladies, let’s please stop killing ourselves in the pursuit of it.

>Boys are not made of stone or steel. And they don’t have an unshakable confidence. They need encouragement, support, and compassion. And sometimes a whole lot of patience.


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So here is where Wordpress encourages me to include some interesting and witty "biographical info". Biography essentially means 'life recorded' (thank you, basic Greek knowledge). I guess technically they should term it "autobiographical info" since I'm writing it about myself, right? Well, I'd like my autobiography to be about someone other than me. How's that for an oxymoron. Not to us, but to Your name be the glory [Psalm 115:1]
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